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Spencer Blair Gunslunglow Featured On The Western Kick Show

Electric dancers and fellow robot enthusiast (aka Joseph Goldsmith): If you love electronic music, dub step, dance, house, basically anything featuring an extremely talented writer and producer, then this is your favorite episode of the Western Kick show… so far. This week’s insanely awesome guest is Gunslunglow or as the ladies call him, Spencer Blair. … Continue reading »

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Back In Her Arm

I do promise this makes sense and that there is a punchline. Wait I may be thinking of another artist’s picture. I decided to type our the words for my friends who can’t read my sleek handwriting. ‘Shortly after leaving I realized the mistake made, if only I could turn this around then tonight I’d … Continue reading »

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Dancing With Fire

‘Straw Man quickly learned what the literal meaning of dancing with fire meant‘ I was listening to Alison Krauss and Union Station while drawing this photo. I used a click #2 BIC pencil soft white 100g/m2, 65lb sketchbook paper.

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If Grizzly Bears Danced

If that mean ol’ grizzly bear was ever photographed dancing femininely then humans could no longer be frightened by them. I was listening to the brand new album Paper Airplane from Alison Krauss and Union Station while creating my own masterpiece. I used a click #2 BIC pencil on plain white paper. This picture is … Continue reading »

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Old Folks Love Dancing

Red Eye Senior Prom.. Amazing. My first dance with a lady in long time, even if she remembered the Titanic sinking.

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