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Haynesworth Charged With Assault On Mountains

Haynesworth Charged With Assualt On Mountains
Posted by on May 3, 2011

Much like many of the men who serve in Washington DC, Albert Haynesworth was charged with sexual assault after swiping his credit card between ‘two mountains’ (Edited for grandparents). You know, I just had a thought… It must be the end times considering he can swipe his credit card between a woman’s breast and actually end up getting charged.

“I didn’t touch her,” Haynesworth responded, according to the document, adding that he doesn’t “even like black girls.” –[Read full story at Yahoo! news]

I was listening/watching Sports Show with Norm McDonald.
I used a click #2 BIC pencil on plain white printer paper to create this timeless photo.

Haynesworth Charged With Assualt On Mountains

Haynesworth Charged With Assualt On Mountains

Hurry and see this photo… it will probably get taken down in a day or two.. I feel it maybe vulgar.

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